MOIRA´S TEARS (Hat/ Hand/ Eye), 2023
In the series of monotypes Moira’s Tears, we find symbols commonly associated with Maria Bajt’s practice. The hat, eye, hand and droplet are reconfigured to tell new stories and illustrate the artist’s dexterity with her artistic vocabulary.  The work is informed by the Moira of Greek Mythology (as well as the three Moiras who were daughters of Nyx), who as the enforcer of fate, were considered by some to be above even the gods in the Pantheon as they presided over the beginning and end of human life. The Moira ensured that, no matter mortal or divine, every being adhered to their destiny as it had been predetermined according to the laws of the universe, their destiny visualised as a thread spun from their spindle. Relentless insights into the fates of others was a cause for tears and they prescribed tears for the Trojan women during childbirth. Tears, an extruded bodily fluid, have long been seen as a natural symbol for transitions or passages, crossing bodily boundaries, and present at both solemn and joyous occasions. During the Spanish Inquisition, the act of crying was demanded from witches to prove their humanity. Although a mythological being, Moira’s tears proves her compassion for others and helps her to process the emotions from the spun threads of fate.
Monotypes, serigraphy on 285 g Fabriano, 9 of 45.
56 cm X 28 cm.