BRUJA, 2021
Bruja is a hanging kinetic textile sculpture, a mythical female figure with blood red skin, comprising a large hat, a snake, a drop of water or blood, and two claws. These elements, attached vertically, slowly spin around in a hypnotic dance, alluding to a type of movement found in shamanic rites. The concept has been incubating since a residency in Mexico some years ago when I saw the vital importance of spirits and mystical beliefs in people's everyday lives. I felt surrounded by magic. The stereotype of the female witch throughout western history has always interested me. Here I pay tribute to her counterpart, the Latin American Bruja, who still today practices non-hierarchal spiritual guidance and cleansing rituals which fuse indigenous religion with Catholic influences and witchcraft. The work is also informed by Antonin Artaud’s writings in The Peyote Dance where he recounts his participation in peyote rites amongst the Tarahumaran people. 
Wood, hooks, styrofoam, quarts paste, glue, neoprene fabric, hand dyed and hand screen printed stretch fabric, protective spray, steel wire, engine. 265 cm X 85 cm