LILITH, 2021
Lillith´s dark features are covered in a printed pattern suggestive of an ancient script carved upon her skin. Grey hair spews forth from an orifice in her body, symbolising simultaneously metamorphosis and decay, aging and rebirth.  I am compelled by the many different interpretations of Lilith in world religious mythology, from the Kabbalah to The Epic of Gilgamesh. Within these legends, she takes many forms, being described as a demonic spirit, a temptress or a child murderer. Nineteenth century Pre-Raphaelite paintings portrayed her as a powerful, threatening, sexual woman who resisted domination by men. No matter the era, she is depicted as, and perhaps castigated for being, an independent woman who operates outside of expected social conventions. 
Wood, hooks, styrofoam, spray foam, quartz primer, filler, wood glue, neoprene fabric, hand dyed and hand screen printed stretch fabric, protective spray, faux hair. 106 cm x 74 cm / hair 250 cm x 25 cm