EOS (Pink, Blue, Green)

EOS (Pink, Blue, Green), 2023
Eos, the goddess of the dawn, rises high into the sky every day, accompanied by a light that dispels the misty darkness of night. Her rotating body consists of a droplet, an eye, bone and hands, one firmly connected to the earth and the other reaching skyward. Eos’s rosy shimmering body represents rebirth and transience and demonstrates the relation of the woman’s body to a cyclical time as asserted by Julia Kristeva, a temporal passage in contrast to the linear time associated with men. Highlighting the duality of her relationship to Nyx, the same pattern is used for both sculptures, as each one is bound to and being defined by the other, both as opposites and as necessary parts for the daily cycle. Eos is accompanied by two other sculptures which together form a group, communicating with each other and with the visitors. While reaching skyward, they remain grounded with their hands almost touching. Their eyes, composed of dichroic glass which changes colours under different lighting conditions and viewing angles, cast colourful beams around the room and upon visitors as they rotate.
Acrylic plaster, metal, styrofoam, dichroic glass, hand dyed and hand screen printed fabric, wire, ball bearings, engine.
Heigt 250 - 300 cm plus sculpture parts on the floor.
Installation views from Teckningsmuseet Laholm, The Museum of drawing, Sweden